Our services

Who we are Hefest Marine is composed of a team of experienced engineers who offer service for any kind of marine survey, marine consultancy, or inspection. We cover the national and international markets, and as professionals, we offer our clients discretion, confidentiality and commercial advice tailored to each customer’s needs.

Hefest Marine works for insurance companies, global inspection companies, ship owners, ship managers, financial institutions, ship brokers, carriers, charterers, etc.

Our range of possibilities is very wide. We carry out pre-purchase inspections of container ships, heavy transport ships, refrigerated cargo ships, general cargo ships, tank ships, rolling ships (RO-RO) and yachts of any length.

purchase Inspection



Purchase inspection

The pre-purchase inspection of a ship includes the inspection of all the ship’s systems, from its seaworthiness and communications equipment to the machinery, hull and deck study. In this type of inspections, we take into account the needs and concerns of our client.

The pre-sale inspections of yachts are carried out by Royal Decree 1434/1999 of September 10, which establishes the surveys and inspections of yachts.

  • Government rudder
  • Hull state
  • Bilge pump
  • Fuel tank
  • Cooling circuit
  • Fuel circuit
  • Exhaust gases
  • Shaft line and tail shaft
  • Propulsion and auxiliary equipment
  • Electrical installation
  • Wiring, fuses and joints
  • Radio communications equipment
  • Rescue teams
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Navigation lights



Ship condition

This type of inspection determines the condition of the yacht or vessel prior to second hand purchase, after installation or change of internal systems or even after a repair that compromises the internal or external structure of the yacht.

Our workers are experienced in forensic engineering work in the naval world. The inspections we perform have an added value of quality with recommendations in the facilities and/or repair that help the client to prevent claims or fires on the boat.

After our extensive experience working with insurance companies, we know how fast they need to carry out their procedures, so we send the reports with the necessary speed and efficiency.



Forensic engineering

Hefest Marine Forensic Engineering offer a variety of services related with the investigation of the origin of accidents and the causes that had provoked them.

With our knowledge and using the means and tools necessaries, we check and corroborate the hypothesis we work with during the investigations, in order to formulate the conclusions that we reflect in our reports.

We are experts in accidents of all kinds. our range of activity covers different types of causes and breakdowns:

  • Fires and explosions.
  • Breakdowns in marine engines.
  • Hull damage.
  • Investigation of mechanical failure or breakage of engines and their connections and constituent elements of the propulsive system (shaft, propeller, and rudder).
  • Galvanic corrosion study.
  • Osmosis study.
  • Analysis of fuel and lubrication oil, used in engines, generators, pumps and other electromechanical elements.
  • Study of breakdowns due to manufacturing defects.
  • Study of contact with dikes, shocks or collisions with fixed and/or floating objects, stranded, stranded or hit bottom.
  • Inspection of stowage condition and lashing for boat transport.




Paint and coatings play an important role in preventing corrosion on steel and other metal construction. For corrosion protection to meet quality and durability, strict requirements for surface treatment must be established. To ensure quality, labor inspection at all stages is important.

The basic objective of an inspection is to ensure that the coating has been properly applied to fulfill its protective function. A properly performed inspection is an important factor in the final quality of the work and periodic inspections ensure an optimal service life of the coating.

The inspector is responsible for confirming that the treatment of a surface was carried out in accordance with the specifications, standards or other requirements.

Inspection tasks are as follows:

  • Those defined in the contract, specification, procedure, standard or code.
  • Observe, inspect, control and test.
  • Verify compliance with a specification.
  • Document the result of the inspection.



Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Hefest Marine provides Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services through precision tools and technology to be able to locate and evaluate those flaws that need to be fixed to prevent major damage, such as the sinking or breakage of the vessel.

Hefest Marine inspectors are trained to carry out tests that certify the watertightness of vessels and the waterproofness of the ship’s structure, maintenance tests and inspections to detect leaks, revision of electrical panels, fire-fighting systems and all kinds of nautical electronics.

We use the most appropriate testing technique to determine the condition of the ship’s hull or any component thereof, whether metallic or composite material.

Hefest Marine has the technology to carry out the following Non Destructive Tests (NDT):

  • Penetrating liquids
  • Magnetic particles
  • Visual inspection
  • Ultrasound
  • Thermography
  • X rays



Finite Element Method (FEM)

We use the finite element method (FEM) as a tool to solve structural calculation problems in ships. When a vessel has a cargo accident, failure of the internal structure, holds or other area that has to withstand high stresses, finite elements are used to define whether

the altercation was due to the design or production of the vessel or of the system in question, such as a crane. It is confirmed in advance that the activity was being carried out with the appropriate load criteria and with optimal conditions.



Cargo survey

We verify all stowage procedures and check the condition of the cargo in order to ensure that they are safe, and that no quality or quantity of cargo is lost. We also carry out a damage assessment study and investigate the cause of any incident that may occur.

The range of possibilities in this type of inspection covers all types of cargo. from steel plates, metal coils to grains and seeds. in order to protect your interests, we offer inspection services for preloading, stowage and lashing, container loading, cargo damage detection, cargo contamination, among many other inspections according to the product to be transported.